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Date: 2/15/2019 4:00 PM to 2/17/2019 5:00 PM
Location: St. George School

Guys - We had a great February Monthly Meeting earlier this week on Tuesday and we have a weekend full of activities this weekend. Any and all volunteer help would be much appreciated! I'll list everything in order of when it will occur:

1) Chicken Prep in the Men's Club Shack Tomorrow, Friday February 15th at 4pm - We need at least 10-15 guys tomorrow afternoon at 4pm to help prepare the chicken.

2) February Maintenance Day: Saturday Morning, February 16th 7am till 10am - We'll meet at the Men's Club Shack starting at 7am for breakfast and then tackle the maintenance list around campus.

3) BBQ Chicken Dinner Fundraiser Sale: Sunday Morning, February 17th - 2 areas of need:

6am Cooking Crew on Sunday Morning: we'd love to have any & all help join the cooking crew to grill 416 chickens as we're guided along by our Men's Club's Chief Chicken Grilling Expert, Glyn Vavasseur. A BIG THANKS to Glyn for his generous support with our BBQ Chicken Fundraisers throughout the year!

9:30am Boxing of the Dinners/Sales after the 9:30am/11:30am Masses: We'll especially need a lot of helping hands for the preparation of the dinners and selling after the Masses. The prep starts at 9:30am at the Shack then we'll have a couple of tables setup outside of Church to sell after the 9:30am and 11:30am Masses. We especially need a LOT of helping hands for this prep time at 9:30am to help box over 416 chicken dinners. If you can assist with selling, please wear your Men's Club Polo Shirts & official Green Aprons...and if you're need of a Men's Club green apron, I'll have some new ones on hand.

Please come out & join the fun this weekend! Again, any and all help is MUCH appreciated!

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